Concerts Community Special Events - Event Opportunities
Concerts Community Special Events - Event OpportunitiesConcerts Community Special Events - Event Opportunities

Concerts Community Special Events – Event Opportunities

Goals: raise money, volunteer recruitment, marketing (exposure for planning firm)

Community-wide Special Events are a great way for event planning firms to gain exposure. Although labor intensive, the rewards in community special events could be significant. Attendees include community leaders who hold strong convictions and who are often actively involved in several organizations. Bonding with community leaders will give event planning firms a competitive advantage. Concerts and music festivals may be categorized with community events due to their volume of attendance.

Approximately 5,000 companies that specialize in event management according to the U.S. Economic Census. Each year, these businesses aggregately generate more than $5 billion dollars a year of revenue and provide jobs for more than 40,000 people. The growth of this industry has remained in lockstep with the growth of the economy in general. The number of businesses operating within this industry has increased 15 percent over last five years while gross receipts have increased almost two fold.

 Concerts Community Special Events – Event Opportunities

Activities that involve the local community such as marathons, walks for a cause, and concerts are great opportunities for an event firm to display its capabilities in handling special events.  A good example is the Miami Aids Walk. The entry price for community-wide special events is usually no more than $15 to $25 per person. At community races it’s customary to set up a vendor area at the finish line where everyone can browse products and enjoy free entertainment after the race.

Event planners can take an active role in creating special event opportunities. Event firms should research non-profits in their community and pair them up with local businesses. Most non-profit organizations hold events regularly as a way to recruit donors. Some non profits don’t have an in-house team to plan their special events and event planners can leverage on the absence of in-house event organizers as opportunities to grow their business.

Special events also include concerts, one of Miami’s fastest growing event segments. Consider for a moment the larger music events and concerts taking place in Miami in 2015: MIA Music Summit, Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival, and the Three Points Music Festival (iii Points).

Advantages: through concerts and community events help agencies get exposure and excellent public relations opportunities. If managed correctly, community events are good moneymakers.

Cautions: for concerts and community events to be successful financially and in terms of logistics, an agency must have many volunteers. This field of event coordination is labor intensive and time consuming. Volunteers to assist with directing attendees is a must, having security guards trained in crowd management tactics as part of your team is ideal for any event with over 100 attendees. As a rule of thumb consider scheduling 2 guards per 100 people.

The reputation of an event agency must be kept in the forefront at all times. Always honor deserving events, persons or organizations to maintain your company’s reputation, you values, and produce an event that the agency will be proud of!.


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