Bring Style to Your Next Flower Arrangements with Ikebana
Bring Style to Your Next Flower Arrangements with IkebanaBring Style to Your Next Flower Arrangements with Ikebana

Bring Style to Your Next Flower Arrangements with Ikebana

Florists, have you been in a creative rut and seek inspiration for your next floral arrangement? Look no further as this blog will delve into the art of Ikebana floral arrangement. What is Ikebana? How can you learn to use it for your customer’s arrangements? Read on to learn about this beautiful technique and how you can use it to inspire your next arrangements.

What is Ikebana?

Ikebana is the creative art of arranging cut stems, leaves, and flowers in vases or other containers that has evolved in Japan over many centuries. The choice of what flowers to arrange is guided by the desire to create harmony between flower and container and to find flowers that blend in well with its surroundings. Although layer after layer of flowers are used in Western floral arrangements, in ikebana, the key consideration is to use as few stems and leaves as possible in composing elegant contours that highlight the flowers’ beauty.

Styles of arrangements.

Over its evolution, Ikebana has developed many different styles of arrangement. Among the most common are the seika or shoka (living flowers), rikka (standing flowers), and nageire (flung flowers) styles when making arrangements in bowl-shaped vases and the moribana (piled-up flowers) style when using dish-like containers.

Traditionally, arranged flowers were decorated in an alcove called the toko-no-ma, which were rooms where guests were normally received. Today they are frequently seen in entrance halls and living rooms, as well as in lobbies of large commercial and residential buildings and shop windows.

Some schools of ikebana have begun incorporating Western approaches (like the hanaisho style of the Ohara school). But even then, there are no dense layers of flowers, as in Western styles; the arrangements are imbued with an Eastern view of nature and incorporates the space around the flowers to strike a perfect balance among the elements.

Making your own Ikebana flower arrangments.

Learn how to make your own Japanese flower arrangement with this instructional video.

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