W.E. Deming’s 14 Points of Quality Improvement

Education for better business practices

This week, instead of our usual post, we decided to put together an educational piece. In addition to updates on security related news, we’ll provide some business insight materials on the third Friday of every month. For our first business insight we’ve decided to feature Deming’s 14 points of quality improvement.

Deming’s theory is not as widely known as Six Sigma, however both are products of Japanese business philosophy. Deming became widely popular amongst Japanese business leaders during the post-WWII period. Deming was a statistical advisor for the US government involved in war-time production during WWII and after the war, Deming was sent to Japan to conduct planning for a census of the country during the American occupation. While in Japan, Deming was invited to train hundreds of members of the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE).

Although Deming’s 14 points were published decades later (in 1982), some believe that most of the points in his theory were based on information Deming learned during his 1950s lectures for the JUSE.

Educating for Better Business Practices
Educating for Better Business PracticesEducational post featuring E. Deming's 14 points of quality improvement. Increase your knowledge and learn to apply effective business and management strategies.
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