Best Personal Security Apps of 2017
Best Personal Security Apps of 2017

Best Personal Security Apps of 2017

In the fight against crime, you already have a powerful tool in your arsenal, your smart phone. Personal security apps allow you to reach friends, family, and even have police to watch over you while you’re out and send emergency alerts if there’s trouble. Some apps offer photo taking abilities to catch an offenders identity, or to use as evidence later on. Below is a roundup of great personal security apps for 2017.

bSafe: This personal safety app offers features for everyday safety and real emergencies. You can set up your personal safety network of contacts, then share locations or ask friends to walk you home with a live GPS trace. Using timer mode, you can program an automatic alarm, or the I’m here feature to tell people where you are. With the fake call feature, you can make your phone ring when you want to. A guardian alert button will immediately notify friends and family members that you need help, tell them where you are with GPS, send video, and set off an optional siren. Available on iOS and Android.

Emergensee: Using the Emergensee app, users can stream live video, audio, and GPS data to personal safety contacts. They can get you the help you need as they see, hear, and follow your incident. For an additional fee, you can be connected to 24/7 personal security operators, or use a live video escort if you want to get a precautionary bodyguard. Available on iOS and Android.

Lifeline Response: Get automatic protection with the Lifeline Response app. As soon as your thumb leaves your phone’s screen, authorities will be contacted to help you. You’ll also get immediate help as your phone becomes a personal alarm with a loud siren and flashing lights. Even if your phone is broken, Lifeline Response will send out an alert the moment you lose your connection. You can also get hands free protection with a timer mode to check in when you’re safely home. This app works with the Apple Watch as well for the ultimate in wearable safety convenience. Available on iOS and Android.

Send Help: Emergency SOS Panic Button: This app sends SMS and emails to preselected emergency contacts. It also posts your location to Facebook and Twitter. You can choose to include a GPS location as a maps link. You’ll also be able to warn friends and family of dangers or hazards nearby. Available on iOS.

SafeSnapp: If you’re in trouble, SafeSnapp can share important information with the authorities. Simply push the SafeSnapp button, and point towards the attacker. The app will send three pictures and the GPS location of the assailant to your email and the SafeSnapp database. Even if your phone is broken, the photos and data are already off of your phone and safely stored. This can deter attackers, as they may no longer want to attack once they know the authorities can identify them. Available on iOS.

SafeTrek: SafeTrek enables users to hold a button down on their iPhone until they feel safe. Holding down the SafeTrek button passively connects a user to the police, and if all is well, the user can input their pin to cancel the alert. But if the situation becomes dangerous, the user can release the safe button to be connected with the police. GPS is used if you have an active alert so that you can be found quickly when you need help. Available on iOS.

Watch Over Me: Watch Over Me turns your phone into a personal safety device. You can just let the Watch Over Me app know that it should track your journey, and if you’re in trouble, your emergency contacts will be notified with your GPS location. Set the safety timer, and if you fail to check in safely, your emergency contacts will be notified. You can mark areas such as home, school, or office, so your Watch Over Me app will know when to stop tracking you. As an added precaution, you can invite friends or family to keep an eye on your journey. If you’re attacked, you can shake your phone to trigger an emergency alarm with a siren, flashlight, video recording, and an alert for your contacts. Available on iOS and Android.

Witness: Using Witness, users can broadcast their location, audio, and video to loved ones in just one touch. It will call and text emergency contacts as well as broadcast live video, audio, and your location. Available on iOS.

While these apps are great, always keep aware of your surroundings and tell friends and family of your location whenever possible. Prevention and awareness, coupled with these apps, will keep you safe from most situations.

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