Becoming A Security Guard at Pro-Secur

Security officers at Pro-Secur have the privilege of working for some of the highest-tiered clients in Miami since 1979. In the past, we have worked with high-end clients such as Absolut Vodka, Emerald Expositions, and The Boca Raton Regional Hospital foundation and other local businesses, providing services for premier events or on-going security.
We’ve had service slips in the past, just as any other service oriented business has, but we like to think we do our best to make-up for our mistakes.

Recovering from service slips would not be possible without the support of our staff. We hire the best candidates out there, and there’s a logic behind that bold statement, just stay with me. Our officers operate under a series of core values and employee expectations. Integrity, professional appearance, attentiveness, and respect are all non-negotiable qualities we expect our employees to demonstrate. Do you have what it takes to become one of Miami’s top security officers? First you need to get through our hiring manager.

From my desk, I can see the office of our Human Resources Manager. He conducts interviews for office staff as well as for security staff. I see candidates walk into his office for interviews quite often and over time, I noticed how long the interviews took. Since we’ve been receiving tons of emails from people who want to apply for a security job, asking for a security officer job description, we figured, why not write a blog on our hiring practices and let applicants know what the process is like?

So I asked for a copy of the questionnaire our HR manager uses and no wonder the interviews are as long as they are. The questionnaire is extensive to the point where we could possibly serve as a first stage screener for Federal Agent candidates.
As a warm-up, the interview starts with questions in any typical job interview: education, work experience, where do you see yourself in five years professionally, the works. After the ice breakers, the questions shift towards aspirations, social capabilities, and a self-diagnosis of the applicant. One of my favorite questions, “Tell me about a time when you experienced an unexpected change in your job responsibilities, workload, or work process. How did you react?” Take a moment to consider how much valuable information about an applicant’s personality is revealed through this question: impulsivity, conflict resolution skills, levels of avoidance or confrontation, willingness to collaborate or compromise.

If Maslow were to witness these interviews, he’d nod approvingly at each question while puffing clouds of tobacco from his pipe. But our HR manager would never approve off anyone smoking in our offices, Maslow included. We run a pretty tight ship here.
For some companies, the depth of our interviews may come across as over the top, but in our books, the personality profile of a security officer with the capabilities to provide high quality services is very specific.

After reading through the application questionnaire, I can better appreciate our reputation for quality security services, one we would quickly lose if we didn’t go through the arduous task of sifting through hundreds of candidates to find superior staff.
Pro-Secur employs only the most professional and high quality guards in the security industry. Our mission is to create a safe environment in the Miami area by providing security services for clients in all industries. Pro-Secur maintains high expectations and this, we’re certain, will make us the leading security service provider in Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

In addition to providing advice to applicants, we hope this article will provide some valuable information to anyone who’s considering hiring security for a home, business, or construction site.
Without further ado, our best kept secret here at Pro-Secur, a breakdown of our thorough screening, background checks, and officer hiring practices:

Security Guard Resume:

Submitting a resume prior to visiting our offices will make for a better first impression. Applicants who show up for an interview without a resume have their interview postponed until the resume is submitted. First big secret: bring a security guard resume.
Pro-Secur employs both D and G Licensed officers. Because our goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all, we focus on promoting excellence through our officers. Each applicant will undergo an extensive and thorough background check as well as drug testing.

D Licensed Unarmed Guard Applicants:

Those officers with a D license provide unarmed security while on duty. You must have completed a minimum of 40 hours of professional training at a facility licensed by the Division of Licensing at the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Each new applicant must submit proof of their successful completion of professional training and licensure.

G Licensed:

Those officers with a G license may be armed with a firearm during the course of his/her duties. The firearm carried is a .38 caliber revolver or 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol. Each new applicant must submit proof of their successful completion of professional training and licensure.

Senior Supervisors:

The tasks of supervising company personnel, delegating duties, and coaching officers is the responsibility of our Senior Supervisors. Pro-Secur relies on supervisors to maintain the quality of our high end security services.

Security Officer Training Programs:

All of our staff has successfully completed the security guard training program. Each new employee undergoes our in-house training regarding Standard Operation Procedures. After six months of continuous employment, staff members attend a one-day training to refresh and re-inforce security procedures. In addition, Pro-Secur takes the time to invest in continuous training for full-time employees. These bi-annual trainings cover topics like Confrontation, Fire Investigation, Workplace Violence, and Vehicular Accidents.
Ultimately, we look for candidates who think of security as a profession, rather than a part-time gig. To learn more about Pro-Secur’s current employment opportunities, contact our Human Resources Department.

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