Award or Tribute Dinners
Award or Tribute Dinners Award or Tribute Dinners

Event Categories Defined:
“Award or Tribute Dinners”

Goals: exposure for your event firm, networking, prestige

Similar to exclusive Theater and Gallery Openings, Award or Tribute Dinners hold the prospect of setting your firm above the competition. The honor of the award recipient or the prestige of the ceremony is transferred by association to the firm that conceives the event.

Testimonial Events: award or tribute dinners

Testimonial may be organized as award and tribute dinners or theme dinners/dinner dances.

Testimonials events in the 1900s were debutant balls and going further back, tribute events were the crowning and knighting ceremonies of antiquity, they’re like the great-grandmother of special events yet are still the most popular type of special event. Tribute events usually honor an outstanding leader, whereas award events honor an outstanding community, professional (think Academy Awards), or corporate executive.

Whether the Testimonial is an award ceremony or a themed dinner, the event should be connected to the honoree’s industry or special interests. Is the honoree in the textile industry? Go all out on lavish fabric for the mantelpieces.

Advantages: these events create an opportunity for the agency to become associated with persons of great achievement and increase the agency’s participation in community interests.

Cautions: an agency cannot expect the community to participate in a Testimonial event for no reason at all. Ask yourself if the honoree’s achievements truly deserve of an honoring ceremony, if they are, that’s great, if they’re not, approach the marketing of your event with PR and damage control in mind. If the event is honoring a high profile executive, consider employing security guards and other executive protection measures to safeguard honoree.

Goals: generate exposure for planning firm, expand agency’s network

The reputation of an event agency must be kept in the forefront at all times. Always honor deserving events, persons or organizations to maintain your company’s reputation, you values, and produce an event that the agency will be proud of!


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