Outsource Security Planning And Guards
Outsource Security Planning And GuardsOutsource Security Planning And Guards

Avoid Resident Issues With Professional Nursing Home Security

Most nursing homes are meant to house the elderly for long-term care as they enter the later years in their lives. Most of the residents inside of a nursing home have lived long lives and are just looking to live their days happily and without worry.

The nursing home staff has the same sentiment, as they are hired to attend to the resident’s needs and ensure they have everything they need to be comfortable.

In an ideal nursing home culture, the staff helps other resident’s with their daily needs and hand out medication to the patient’s that need it. The residents are able to travel around the facility freely and are visited by family and friends without hindrance or worry of being the nursing home not being secure.

As someone who has lived a long life, the residents have earned the reprieve of concern from the relating to security issues and for nursing home directors it is important to try to accommodate these potential issues, responsibly.

It is very hard for a nursing home’s staff to assume the role of a security guard or monitor when there are so many other responsibilities and roles that they must assume just as a caretaker to the many residents living in the facilities.

Possible Security Issues & Risks

  • Resident’s assaulting or abusing others
  • Theft of personal belongings
  • Fire Evacuation
  • Health Emergencies
  • Environmental Risks

And that’s just as long as the staff themselves aren’t the security issue themselves as harming and robbing residents can be common as well.

That’s why more nursing homes are looking for outside help, outsourcing their security needs to security companies that employ security guards to keep the safety of residents and staff alike.

How To Secure The Unexpected

Professional security companies employ and train security guards with the knowledge to handle the unexpected issues that can occur at a nursing home.

In the case of a resident’s medical emergency, a security officer will have First Aid and CPR skills and training. For those higher security risks where the facility must be kept safe from intruders or trespassers, patrolling and firearm training can be needed and implemented as well.

If there are water puddles or other environmental concerns, a security guard can alert the proper channels so no harm can come to a resident.

All of these also require the guards and security personnel to have a higher level of physical fitness in order to carry a resident to safety or respond to an emergency at a moment’s notice.

At Pro-Secur, we are a full-service security company that offers premium nursing home security for your facility.

Don’t let these risks and possible resident issues take away from the care and attention your residents need. Contact us at 305.418.9214 for more information on how our security services can help you.

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