Airports switching to private security companies
Airports switching to private security companies

Airports Switching to Private Security Companies.

For the past four years, government and airport officials have been pushing the Transportation Security Administration to allow airports to be able to utilize private security companies as their security team source.

Staring early next year, Stanford International Airport in Florida will become one of the 19 airports who have switched to outsourcing their security from private companies. Prior to 9/11 all airport security was privatized. The TSA was created in hopes of fostering a safer and more secure travel administration. US Representative John Mica hopes to reverse some of the confounding laws that make airport security inefficient and expensive to operate.

Beginning in 2010, Mica and airport Director Larry Dale began a quest to remove legislation that forces airports to use TSA employees as their security. Two years ago, Mica was instrumental in passing a law that allows airports to opt out of using TSA.

The duo hopes to eventually enable all airports to be able to choose their own security without being locked into using TSA. “I just believe private industry can do better than the government,” says Dale. The prediction is that the use of private security companies will create a more courteous and attentive service for passengers. In addition, the management should be more flexible in scheduling the workers, thus reducing lines during busy travel times.

For Stanford International Airport, the switch to a private security company is one that will take four months to complete. Starting October 1st, they have officially begun to transition. The TSA will still oversee security; however the private companies will handle the day to day operations tasks such as hiring and firing employees. The security employees will be responsible for confirming tickets, checking for contraband, and running the scanning machines.

Once the change occurs, 19 total airports will have made the transition back to private security. Other airports include San Francisco International, Kansas City, and Greater Rochester International in New York. The next airport on board for transitioning back is Orlando International Airport. They are currently in the process of reviewing information and evaluating the decision to move forward.


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