Airbnb and Property Management: Tips for New Managers
Airbnb and Property Management: Tips for New ManagersAirbnb and Property Management: Tips for New Managers

Airbnb and Property Management: Tips for New Managers

Property owners participating in Airbnb (especially those with many rentals) can find themselves swamped in their new role of property manager. While you may want to outsource management of your rental, there are ways to do many of tasks yourself. If you want to assume the role of property manager read our tips below.

To Automate or not to Automate

When the reservations start coming in, your main goal is to separate your time from your income stream. Ideally spending two hours or so per week managing each property.

The key is to automate as many tasks as possible. Airbnb property management will include cleaning, restocking household goods, checking in guests, providing security, and accepting new reservations. When you start out, owning every aspect of property management helps you learn what is working and what is taking too much time. You quickly figure out what what you’d rather outsource. Do you want to spend your time cleaning bathrooms or would you prefer to hire a cleaning service? Doing tasks yourself will save you some income, but that’s time you could be spending on acquiring more reservations for your rental.

Syncing your Airbnb Calendar to Google

Doing a calendar sync will help you coordinate with a team. You will need help from a variety of people for check-in, lock-outs, and cleaning services. You can automate the transfer of information and scheduling of services by syncing your Airbnb Calendar to a Google Calendar.

After you’ve synced your calendar to Google, you can share all of your booking details with your support team. This includes contact information and the check-in times for your upcoming guests. The steps to link your accounts are well documented on the Airbnb site.

Managing Inventory

The cost of re-stocking soap, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, etc. can add up. If not managed correctly, supplies will run out leaving you with unhappy guests and negative reviews. You want to create a checklist for ordering replacement items. Order supplies in bulk, this helps you stay efficient and saves on shipping costs. we recommend checking inventory once a month. This not only saves you money, it also helps you keep better track of your expenses.

If you have a full-time rental, don’t forget about your linens and towels. These need to be replaced every six to twelve months depending on how many guests you host. Remember you can always start out managing your property yourself. This gives you insight into your guests’ needs. At some point you can easily delegate to an assistant after some training.

Guest Check-in

Your goal is to get guests in and out of a property without ever having to contact someone. This means guests are happy and you have successfully anticipated their needs. An automated process also separates your time from your revenue. If you have to be in town every time a guest arrives, or hire out the responsibility, you’re cutting into both your time and your earnings.

In order to accomplish automated check-in and check-out, make sure you send your guests check-in instructions prior to their arrival. Also document directions to your property and answer frequently asked questions.

Airbnb House Guide

An informative house guide is the best solution against time-consuming questions. Everything should be detailed. How to operate the TV and thermostat, where the trash is located, how to handle trash recyclables, as well as detailed check-out instructions. Also make sure your Wi-Fi password is included.

Take notes of every guest question you receive. Then periodically update your house guide to address each question. You can find a sample House Guide here

The Key Exchange

A source of anxiety for an Airbnb guest is the check-in process. Many guests arrive late at night and fear that you’ll be nowhere to be found when they arrive. There are various products that allow you to securely automate your check-in process. You can provide remote check-in by installing a smart lock or lock box. These allow your guests to access your property without needing you, or anyone else, to be present.

A more advanced option is Lockitron, device that you attach to the inside of your deadbolt. Guests can use their smartphone to wirelessly turn the deadlock upon arrival.

Hiring a Property Management Service

How efficiently you manage (or outsource the management) of your property is crucial to your profitability and your sanity. One option is to outsource all aspects of property management to one or more third party companies. The typical cost for end-to-end management is 20% of total bookings.

You can follow this guide and manage your place more effectively than a traditional property manager. But in case you don’t want to deal with the hassle, below are some outsourcing options.

#1 Have Property Managers Bid for your Property offers a unique service whereby property managers bid for your property. This competitive exchange guarantees you the best rates for your home.

#2 Hire a Vacation Rental Property Management Specialist

If you prefer to deal with a third party, here’s a list of companies that offer dedicated vacation rental management services:

  • Skyrun
  • Proprly
  • Vacasa
  • All Star
  • Evolve
  • No Worries
  • Turn Key

#3 Cleaning Service Providers

The rise of Airbnb has led to an increase in cleaning services that specialize in short-term rentals. When selecting a cleaning service keep in mind that you want to track your business expenses. You may pay a premium for a bigger company, but they typically offer easy-to-use reporting and expense tracking. The bigger companies also have a larger team that can respond to your tight schedule.

Last but certainly not least, hire a reputable security company that can protect your property and guests. Looking for just such a company? Pro-Secur elite guards can fill your security needs. Call 305-418-9214 today to schedule guard services.

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