Commitment differentiates our armed and unarmed staff

Pro-Secur understands that, for our clients, security is about more than uniformed guards. It’s about knowing the total safety of their site is taken care of, from routine procedures to unexpected contingencies.

We understand security is just one of many concerns you’re juggling as you run your business or project site. That’s why our planning and training are geared toward meeting your security needs in a way that complements rather than distracts from the rest of your undertaking.

Luis del Pino
Luis del Pino Taus

Luis del Pino Tous

CPP, former President of ASIS

Born in France and raised in Havana, Cuba, our founder, Luis del Pino Tous is recognized as the pioneer in the Armored Car and Personal and Industrial Security business in Latin America and the Caribbean. His vision was key to the foundation, development, and success of Panamerican Protective Services in Cuba and Servicio Pan Americano de Protección in Venezuela and Mexico. Both companies thrived in their provision of armed and unarmed security guard and cash in transit services. In 1979, after a life dedicated to the Armored Car Industry, Luis del Pino founded Pro-Secur in Miami, FL, to provide expert security consultation services to the South Florida region.

Today Pro-Secur provides both Security Consulting and Armed and Unarmed Surveillance, maintaining the same principles of leadership and ethics imparted by our founder.


First designed in the late 1940s in Havana, Cuba, the crest that identifies our company has undergone several changes throughout the years. In 1952 the crest was selected to be the official company sigma for Pan American Protective Services, although then its original colors were blue, white, and red. The direction of the stripes, their color, and even the gryphon itself all underwent changes throughout the years. Some of the elements in the original logo such as the cross, were removed altogether as Luis Del Pino modified the crest to use as the sigma for different armored car and security businesses established throughout his career. To this day, thousands of armored cars and security guard uniforms in Mexico and Latin America are branded with the gryphon and crest sigma that although distinct, are distant relatives of the official sigma on the uniform of Pro-Secur’s security guards.


The Cross of Lorraine has been used through time as a symbol of freedom and fortitude. In the 15th century, it was used by Joan of Arc in her campaign against the English, and in 1944, by Charles de Gaulle in a campaign to liberate occupied France. The Cross of Lorraine was added to the sigma as a reminder of our duty to protect basic human freedoms.


A legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was traditionally considered the king of beasts and the eagle, king of the birds, the gryphon was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic being, the king of all creatures and guardian of treasures and priceless possessions. Our security guards and our administrative staff take this symbol to heart.


Integrity, Security, Protection

This color stands for integrity, security, and protection. Brown also suggests stability and communicates a sense of comfort and reassurance. Finally, the color brown is also associated with the outdoors and the endurance necessary for our guards to withstand and properly address security contingencies in the open field.


Values, Priced Possessions

As an entity that provides security guards for the protection of individuals and their assets, the color gold is not only a reminder of our dedication to protect material possessions, but also a token of our values, our most prized asset. Represented by the gold colored stripe in our insignia, our values are preserved by stability above, and protected through the vitality of the burgundy stripe below.


Courage, Action, Vitality

Red-based colors are universally known as signs of warning. In our sigma, burgundy acts as a reminder of an alert state of mind and heightened senses, capacities required to effectively carry out the task of protecting individuals and their assets. Most importantly, this color reminds us of the courage it takes to always use integrity as the compass that directs our decisions and our actions.