7 Ways To Give Thanks To Your Renters
7 Ways To Give Thanks To Your Renters7 Ways To Give Thanks To Your Renters

7 Ways To Give Thanks To Your Renters.

For every bad tenant out there –there’s another one that’s worth their weight in gold –and it’s worth taking the time to recognize and acknowledge them. After all, you wouldn’t be in business if it weren’t for your tenants, so it’s worth showing them some appreciation.
With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few things that you can do to show that you’re thankful for them this year.

1. Establish a Good Relationship from the Start

The best way to show your tenants that you appreciate them –isn’t just by giving them gift cards once a year at Thanksgiving. Instead, it’s about treating them right –year round. Establish a good relationship from the start by being polite and professional, and informing them that they should contact you any time that they have any issues and concerns.

2. Be Responsive

Taking their concerns seriously –and addressing issues in a timely manner is extremely valuable to tenants, and can go a long way toward helping them to feel appreciated. On a similar note, it you’re going to be out of town, or otherwise unable to respond to their messages for a few days, make sure you give them a heads up –and provide them with the contact numbers of contractors that they can call in case of an emergency.

3. Be Realistic When Raising the Rent

While rent increases are a fact of life –and a necessary part of property management, it’s important to exercise discretion before you send out those notices. While the amount of notice that you’re required to give your tenants varies from state to state, you generally have to provide 30 days’ notice about rent increases. But hiking the rates right around the holidays is guaranteed to rub most people the wrong way. Instead of raising the rent around Christmas –a time when most people tend to be strapped for cash, consider holding off until after the New Year –where it’s far more likely to be better received.  

4. Reward Them With Rental Work

A gift for which you and your tenant can both be grateful, is cleaning services, or other work that can improve the condition of the rental. Consider helping your tenants look after your rental property –their home, by offering them a free carpet cleaning service, or fresh coat of paint for a few of the rooms. This gesture is a great way to say thanks –and will help them feel welcome, and more at home.

5. Consider a Small Token of Thanks

A small token of thanks –especially around the holidays, can go a long way toward showing tenants that you care. You could give them a gift basket, gift cards to the local coffee shop, or a tasty gourmet treat. Or, you could surprise them with a discount off of next month’s rent –something that’s certain to be well received!

6. Consider an Upgrade

You don’t have to renovate the entire unit in order to express your gratitude, but going the extra mile and upgrading appliances that are old, or making small upgrades can mean a lot to tenants, and show them that you appreciate having them in your rental. Most tenants will appreciate these updates –especially if you perform them just before the holidays, or after the New Year.

7. Be Fair

Show your tenants that you appreciate them by treating them fairly, and avoiding anything that could be considered favoritism. This is especially key in multi-unit properties where word travels quickly. Enforce and uphold the terms of the lease, and avoid letting one occupant slide on the rent –when you expect the others to consistently pay on time. Doing so could cause accusations of favoritism. In property management, treating tenants equally –at all times, is important, and will help your tenants to respect, and appreciate you.
Treating your tenants well isn’t just a nice gesture –it’s one that will reward you –and your property investing endeavors as well. Another great gesture is to provide security. Pro-Secur guards can fulfill your residential, commercial, and special event needs. Call 305-418-9214 to schedule guard services today.

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