5 Ways to utilize VR and AR for events in 2017
5 Ways to utilize VR and AR for events in 20175 Ways to utilize VR and AR for events in 2017

5 Ways to utilize VR and AR for events in 2017.

The widespread popularity of applications like Pokémon Go have shown the public’s interest in augmented-reality and opened the floodgates for VR to seep into more aspects of daily life. As event planners strive to incorporate the newest technology into their events, VR and AR have the potential to completely revolutionize the industry. Read on for 5 innovative ways to incorporate VR & AR into your meetings and events!

1. Demonstrate objects or products with amazing visuals.

Product demonstrations are a huge part of trade shows. Imagine using virtual reality headsets as a way to give booth visitors an interactive demonstration of your products without even needing them there. This is especially a great opportunity to display large, bulky products where it would normally be very hard (or impossible!) to get them to the show.

2. Engage attendees with virtual games and fun contests.

VR software and image recognition technology makes it easy to create simple games such as scavenger hunts at your events. Simply place virtual clues around your booth and allow attendees to interact with objects to find more clues and win prizes. Want something more advanced? Your imagination is truly the limit. Just consult a VR savvy developer or production company to put together a custom event experience.

3. Fully immersive attendees in virtual worlds.

Although 3D computer models of exhibit halls and other event venues can give offsite viewers a scale view of the event space, virtual reality has the power to fully immerse them within the environment. Imagine being able to physically walk through an event space while moving through your office building. Sounds cool, right? You can also bring this experience to your shows and allow guests to walk through custom designed environments or even obstacle courses!

4. Host interactive, 360 degree virtual meetings.

With VR, remote attendees can direct their experience as if they were really present during an event. Advanced 360-degree cameras and perspective mean it’s possible for them to see others in the room as if they were right there alongside them. Additionally, teams can utilize augmented reality to view and manipulate objects together in real time. This mixed reality combination allows modern teams and attendees to interact in a completely new way.

5. Attend shows as a robotic, VR attendee.

As far back as 2013, it was possible to move around and interact with attendees at an actual event. Now we’re even closer to a world where we don’t even have to travel or book a hotel to go to a trade show! While many believe there is nothing more powerful than in-person interactions and meetings, this is a great opportunity to bring the complete attendee experience to those who are unable to travel.

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