5 Useful Apps For Property Managers and Landlords
5 Useful Apps For Property Managers and Landlords5 Useful Apps For Property Managers and Landlords

5 Useful Apps For Property Managers and Landlords

Answering phone calls, collecting rent, finding new tenants, and loads of paperwork keep every property manager’s hands full. Managing all of these chores can be a breeze with the use of these 5 apps made specifically to deal with the needs of property managers and landlords.

  1. DIY Landlord

This iPhone/iPad app helps you track your properties rent rolls, photo logs, expenses, and includes a dashboard that gives you a quick look at the performance of your properties in the  current month.

  1. Pendo Rent

This helpful app lets tenants pay you directly by connecting right to your bank account, it also tracks your properties, cash flow, and helps organize your finances.

  1. The Property

This app for iPad/iPhone helps manage tenants and rent agreements, rent invoices, rent payments, and tenants’ balance, and property expenses. You can easily export and share your financial data with your accountant or bookkeeper as well.

  1. Rent Tracker

Rent Tracker organizes your properties’ tenant information, rents received, and expiring leases. The app also allows you to create year-end reports to help with tax preparation.

Honorable Mentions


Evernote works on desktop and mobile devices. You can create a notebook for each of your properties or tenants and keep your records conveniently organized, or even make an annual maintenance checklist for each property you manage.

Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you can share your schedule with anyone you want, and when users create an event on their computer, it will be synced to all the devices on which they access Google Calendar. Calendar reminders can notify you when it is time to do a unit walkthrough, rent collection, and more.

All of the above smartphone apps are free to download and try, although most start charging a fee after the first few rental properties, or for the premium version of the app.

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