5 Things Event Planners Should Do On Their Lunch Break
5 Things Event Planners Should Do On Their Lunch Break5 Things Event Planners Should Do On Their Lunch Break

5 Things Event Planners Should Do On Their Lunch Break

Taking a lunch break. Something that event planners often can’t make time for. We’ve all done it, skipped our lunch break and eaten at our desk, or even not eaten at all, because we have too much work to do. This could however actually hurt your productivity and your health in the long run. Instead train yourself to make your lunch break worth your while and recognize it as one way to get ahead in the industry. Here are 5 things we recommend to do on your break.

Getting the most out of your lunch break

1. Eat a healthy lunch

Your lunch break is actually for your lunch so don’t forget to eat it! Although it may seem self-explanatory, eating a healthy lunch and taking your time with it should be done at least once or twice a week. What you eat is also important because sweets and fatty foods cause blood sugar levels to spike, leading to the afternoon “crash” which leaves you with that tired, sluggish feeling of wanting to go home early. It also reduces your metabolism, can lead to weight gain and is not very good for productivity or efficiency either.

2. Go Outside

It is beneficial to leave your desk at some point and so that you aren’t cooped up in an office or indoors all day. Go outside, breathe some fresh air, and get some vitamin D especially if you are feeling tired or overwhelmed. Simply being outside can help to reduce stress and calm nerves. Being in the fresh air, even if only for 10 minutes, will leave you feeling energized and will put you in a better mood to start your afternoon. Plus it gives your eyes a break from screen time and lets you experience the real world. You never know it may even inspire you, so try taking your lunch outside every once in a while and relax.

3. Plan

Use your lunch break to plan the following day or even the afternoon ahead of you in terms of what you need to get done before you go home. Doing this can help to achieve your goals and make you more productive in the afternoon because setting yourself clear targets during your lunch break can keep you focused. Use one lunch break a week to plan the rest of your week and keep on top of your workload to reduce work related stress and anxiety. Even if it is just making a list of bullet points for your main priority for each day this week, it sets a clear benchmark for you to achieve.


Working out can help to let off some steam, reduce stress and the likelihood of depression while you’re at work. If you have spent most of the day sitting at your desk it can lead to injury, a bad back, and increase your risk of high blood pressure and likelihood of dying young. Doctors at the Mayo Clinic have suggested that you could increase your risk of cardiovascular problems by up to 125% with some doctors suggesting that sitting could be just as harmful as smoking. Try going for a run or doing bodyweight circuits that don’t require equipment. If you don’t have enough time, then just spend 15 minutes doing some proper stretches, yoga or going for a walk, to help your body and center your mind before returning back to your busy schedule.

5. Social Media

Instead of looking at funny videos, use your lunch break to brush up on new event technology, get inspired by the latest trends, connect with people or just catch up on newsworthy events in the industry at the moment. Social media is a great way to stay up to date with the latest news and to be inspired, which can transfer to your own work and projects.

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