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5 Security Planning Tips For Convention Center Events

Convention centers serve as great venues for drawing large audiences to tradeshows, political conferences, fashion expos, and other events. Convention events are also becoming more common. For example, the rise of comic-con-type events is bringing in big business and breaking convention records around the country.

Con events draw large amounts of people and valuable items and products scattered across convention room floors. Both of these require high-quality security to ensure that fans and exhibitors get the most out of the occasion.

That’s where planning ahead of time for proper security becomes priority number one for convention events.

Here are 5 tips to consider when planning your convention center events:

  1. Have Room In Your Budget For Event Security – Your budget should allocate around 10% to security. This will help to ensure that the guest and exhibitor security needs are met. Having a team that is professional and dedicated to your event’s security detail is crucial if you want to attract quality exhibitors.
  2. Research Your Guests –When working with an expert security company, it’s important to profile the type of guests you expect at the event. Having this discussion will ensure your security team is better equipped at spotting suspicious characters among the crowds attending.
  3. Keep a Detailed Layout Of The Convention Center – It’s important that you know the floor plan of the venue and the location of vendors. This way you can keep security covering all entrances and exits and providing additional security at high profile vendor booths.
  4. Assign Specific Security Related Duties – It’s important in the planning phase to assign specific areas and responsibilities to your security personnel. Guards are only human and if you overwhelm them with more responsibilities than they can handle it will result in a lackluster performance of their duties. For example, don’t expect the same security guard to be in charge of ticketing at the main entrance and also in charge of keeping an eye on the door at the far end of the building.
  5. Maintain Communication Throughout The Event & After – If there’s something valuable that needs to be looked after, make sure the party responsible is fully aware of that responsibility. If someone important is arriving to the event, make sure event security staff is in the loop at least a few hours in advance. After the event, reporting problems that happened or that could have been avoided should also be communicated so as to learn from them and to provide better service to the guests next time.

These are just a few of the tips that might go a long way towards the protection of exhibitors and guests at your next convention center event.

The experts at Pro-Secur offer complete event security management for events big and small. We work with clients in South Florida, creating customized security plans to help your next event run smoothly.

For more information on how Pro-Secur can help make your event a success, please feel free to contact us at 305-418-9214 today!


  • Bobby Saint

    You made a good point to have room in your budget for event security. You certainly would like everything to go as planned and not experience any untoward incidents before, during, and after the event. Hiring security would give you some peace of mind that all your guests will be in good hand. If I were to organize my own event, I would make sure to hire security as a safety precaution. Thanks.

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